In 2016, the Club reached a record number of over 20,000 members and in 2017 we look forward to welcoming as many new members into our Born and Bred family to Stand Proud together.

We are asking all members who are already Standing Proud for 2017 as members to encourage everyone they know to also stand proud. If you know anyone who may be interested fill in theirs and your details below to start earning points

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We are a club where people of all different cultures, races and beliefs are no different.
A land where Bulldogs fans live together with a sense of belonging.
No one is prouder than a Bulldog.
We are proud of our passion.
We are proud of our achievements.
We are proud of the Jersey we unite under.
We are proud of our diverse blue and white family.
We are a family, 20,000 strong who stand as one.



Pos. Name Fetched
1 Fiona Slater 6
2 Kevin Brown 5
2 Kathryn Hamad 5
4 Gene Birse 4
4 Anthony Haddad 4
4 Julie O'brien 4
7 Jamie Kaufana 3
7 Brendan Clifton 3
9 Roukiee Dennaoui 2
9 Troy Dunning 2
9 Robert Simonetto 2
12 Sabrina Barutha 1
12 Rod Tuialii 1
12 Matthew Cosgrove 1
12 Linda Boutros 1
12 Steve Veljanovski 1
12 kerri laughton 1
12 Julie O'brien 1
12 Renee Salhab 1
12 Stewart Burgess 1
12 Kyriaki Venetis 1
12 Bradley Borg 1
12 Anne-Marie Dawson 1
12 Aaron Kukkonen 1
12 Danny Traboulsieh 1
12 Elizabeth Hedges 1
12 jenny rafferty 1
12 Jeff McGinn 1
12 Emma Millard 1

We are asking for you to nominate a friend who you think will be interested in Standing Proud as a 2017 Bulldogs Member and we’ll get in touch with them to get them over the line. For every friend you nominate that joins us as a brand new 2017 Bulldogs Member, you will gain both Fetch a Friend and Dogs of Rewards points

Last year's winner: Milika Morgan

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